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Being blinded is nothin, I've had way worse.”

______ ______ ______

"Hm.. How far will my fur fluff?"


Name: Scarfur

Owner: Ninipenguins

Group: N\A

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual

Mate: N\A


Pelt: His undercoat is jet-black, whilst his overcoat is a russet-red.

Eyes: Horribly scarred and blind from a badger attack, dull yellow eyes.

Fur: His fur is very fluffy, and when he fluffs it out all the way he looks like a giant pinecone.

Voice: His voice is smooth and soft, though tends to warble when he's nervous or scared.

Scars: Well, as his name implies, he has many scars all over his body. A number on his neck, one running along his spine, a few on his flank, and his muzzle is covered by scars.

Scent: His scent is a musty sort of scent, a mixture of pine and a faint hint of a fishy-scent.

______ ______ ______

"Apparently I'm a marshmallow."


Positive:Though he may seem scary at times, he's really just a kind, supportive cat. He's a bit of a jokester at times, though. Terrible puns are his specialty.

Neutral: He can get a little shy and quiet sometimes.

Negative: He's very insecure about his looks, especially around younger cats as his appearance makes him look threatening. He is also prone to being very anxious, and is very easily stomped down, as he is a sensitive bean.


Likes: Quiet walks, sunny days, kind cats, uh more ill add later 

Dislikes: Rude\mean cats (with exceptions), being called a pinecome, ill add more later

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"I'm lonely. I need more friends."

Bullet Guide

Bullet Guide by Foxfaith

- Crush

💕 - Love

💞 - Mate

- Like

♕♕ - Respect

- Idolizes

- Doesn't Know Well

❓❓ - Misses

🌹 - Family

- Acquaintance

- Friend

- Best Friend

- Mentor

✽✽ - Mentoring

- Envy

✦✦ - Regret

🔻 - Shy

🔻🔻 - Nervous

- Wants to Know

❔❔ - Suspicion

❔❔❔ - Distrust

⚔️ - Dislike

⚔️⚔️ - Hate

💀 - Dead